TextBox Translations specializes in a variety of translation services for a wide range of texts. Our team of translators are not only professionals in their field, but love what they do everyday, which is something that is very important to us as a company.

What we understand as translation?

At TextBox Translations, translation is more than just translating one language into another. We make sure that your text, once it is completed, is a true presentation of the target text language and culture.

A quote we live by is:

“Translation is a mental activity in which a meaning of given linguistic discourse is rendered from one language to another. It is the act of transferring the linguistic entities from one language in to their equivalents in to another language.” (Osman, A 2017)

What type of translations do we offer?

  • PEMT (Post Editing Machine Translation)
    • A translation whereby a machine (computer) is used to translate your work and then corrected / revised by one of our translators.
    • Fastest and most cost-effective method.
  • Human-translation + Revision
    • The text / document is translated by one of our translators and revised by the same translator.
  • Professional human translation
    • The translation and revision are done by two different people of our team.

Types of texts / documents we translate:

  • General texts
  • Specialized texts
  • Academic texts
  • Advertising texts
  • Websites / Blogs
  • Other

If the type of text or document you have is not within this list, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are sure able to help you.