Are you looking into having your blog professionally proofread? Then you have come to the right place.

Did you know, that 4.02 billion people use the internet? Most looking for websites in their native language, thus expecting good quality texts. With a well written text, a visitor of your blog is a) more likely to return to your blog and b) refer your blog.

At Textbox Translations, we take the proofreading of your blog very seriously. We know, as readers and linguists, how frustrating it is to read over spelling or grammar mistakes – or commonly made errors – thinking that these could be so easily avoided. These types of mistakes will quickly put off your reader. We want to proofread your blog for you so that in the end, you have many (new) readers and followers.

Please contact us to discuss having your blog proofread. If you would like a direct quote, you can follow this link.