Academic Texts

Having dealt a lot with student work in the past and present, it is our pleasure to proofread your academic texts for you.

By academic texts we understand (amongst others):

  • teaching materials
  • scientific papers
  • journal articles
  • theses
  • essays
  • research proposals
  • abstracts

The proofreading of academic texts is very important. These texts have to be easily understood and error free so that misunderstandings can be avoided. If there are for example spelling or grammar mistakes in the texts, then these texts might not be taken seriously. Further, a person whom is not native in the language might struggle to understand what is being said.

It has to also be made aware of how difficult the content of academic texts can be. On the one hand for example, sciences like physics have a highly technical nature. On the other hand there are for example literary fields (also seen under proofreading of specialized texts), which involve figurative language and colloquialisms. It is very important that these specific things in each field are double checked so that no mistakes are made.

At Textbox Translations we are fully aware of this challenge and thus always have the right proofreader at hand.

If you are still unsure if the text you need to have proofread is an academic text, please do not hesitate to contact us regardless, as we are more than happy to help you. If you would like a direct quote, you can follow this link.